We offer a range of print sessions and techniques. Each session includes an assistance of the Master Printer Joaquin Gonzalez who will set up a palette with the printing plates, assist during printing, and clean up. Inks, plates, solvents, and other shop tools are also included in the session rates.
Sessions are 7 hours long with an hour off for lunch. Sessions are available 6 days a week, starting at 9 or 10am. The shop will do it's best to accommodate your schedule.
The print shop provides all project materials except editioning paper and outside fees for service.
Please remember to bring your own brushes. You can bring your own paper or buy from our collection.

Solo session
The fee for an individual artist session with the master printer is $175 per day, or $30 per hour.

Shared session
The fee for two artists sharing a session is $100 per person.

Drop-off printmaking
Drop off your originals and the master printer will execute the project for $50 per hour.

Workshops are available seasonally for adults and children. Contact us for more information.